Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Silent Observer!

The best part about being a mommy is to take time to just sit and watch. I love watching Logan in his own environment in astonishment at how quickly he learns things. Whether it be from interacting with the dogs, watching baby einstein, playing with his toys, or just testing his boundaries (which is not always a bad thing! - its how they learn!)

Logan is at a point where he is learning QUICK! So quick its hard for me to keep up with it! He went from signing to babbling to mimicking to talking! Im amazed everyday! Now he will actually follow "commands." He has learned the dog bowls are off limits (he actually walks by them and says "no no no!" If he takes something he shouldnt I'll ask him to put it back and 50% of the time he will....still a work in progress!

A couple weeks ago I came to the conclusion he was a toddler now and not a BABY! Not only is he not nursing anymore but he moved up classrooms in school and is now in with the toddlers and eating at a table in a miniature chair, and napping on mats and no longer in a crib!. He is still the youngest and smallest but they tell us he holds his own! It seems like every week im going through his clothes and sorting out the clothes that no longer fit anymore and washing the ones he's growing into! I purchased new shoes for him the other day and as I was checking out I looked down at the shoes and they looked HUGE! no more little booties! they are now little boys shoes that he definitely gets wear out of as he plays NONSTOP!
But the biggest adjustment for me is as he gets older his personality is shinning through! He is such a happy baby toddler and always has been but as he is developing he gets his feelings hurt, he has minni temper tantrums (yes if you take even a piece of paper from him he will stomp his feet and drop to the floor in tears!- and is then over it within seconds), he gets excited when he hears a familiar voice or song, he sleeps great and is almost like  clockwork  when its time for bed or a nap. He interacts with EVERYONE he sees with a friendly "HI" with a big wave and a HUGE smile! His little chuckle can light up the room (I can still remember the first time he smiled INTENTIONALLY)  etc...the list goes on!
At the end of the day  is still my little BABY! He stops in the middle of playing and come over just to give me a hug (a great feeling) or he will walk over and raise his arms and say "up" and at the end of the day he crawls into my arms to have some cuddle time right before bed! The BEST feeling ever!
So even though he is growing up waaaay too fast for me he is still my amazing little miracle!

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