Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our Notebook

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words  Memories!

I continue to work diligently on our family "YEARBOOK"
I promised myself since I annoy my family with thousands (literally) of pictures have thousands of pictures on my memory cards that will probably just sit there and collect dust that each year I will make a photobook. My plan is to have a shelf full of our family "yearbooks"
Who inspired me to do this? Who else?? LOGAN!
Of course we have our wedding photobook and then I also created a maternity/hospital book. Our first actual yearbook started in April when Logan was born. So I continued from there and this current book will be April 2011- April 2012.
My mom always tells me that if I take all these pictures of Logan I'll have to do the same for the other children...This doesn't pose as a problem to me- Im actually concerned I may have to quit my day job to be able to have time to take and edit all the pics I will want to take when there are more kids :)
What I am concerned about is how am I going to explain to the younger siblings that our Yearbooks are based off of Logan's Birthday :o/ and or how do I change this without creating a gap or overlay???
Decisions Decisions....oh well we have time :o)

Here's a sneak peak!

Sunday, August 19, 2012


We are gradually trying to transition from processed food, hormone/chemically fed/injected meat and dairy to more natural and organic foods! Some people call it Crunchy or Hippie or whatever you want to call it. I call it EXPENSIVE! But there is a reason! If you do some research who wouldn't want to make some changes! ESPECIALLY for our children! There is such an abundance of Cancer popping up everywhere! and not just in the elderly or sick people like it used to be. CHILDREN and Teenagers are getting cancer...and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't have something to do with what we are eating!
Knowledge is power!

"Depending on what you eat you are either feeding the disease or fighting it!"