Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Proud Momma!

This is my blogspot so im allowed to brag all I want right???

Well everyday Logan amazes me. He is signing with us to communicate and it is the most amazing thing. His frist REAL sign was "PLEASE" AKA "PEEEES" far as im concerned this kid will get anything he wants if he signs "Please." It is the most precious thing EVER!
As of right now he is able to sign:
Please, More, Eat, Drink, Baby, Bath, and All gone.
At first he was just mimicking, but now he is able to associate them with an outcome. For example the other night he went over to the refridgerator and pointed at it and signed "please."  I opened the door and asked him if he wanted to "Eat" or "Drink" and he singed "Drink."  I handed him his sippy cup and he took it contently and was on his happy way! (We are working on "Thank You")
It is the most amazing thing to watch him discover he can communicate, not to mention so helpful to us to know what he wants instead of crying and whining!
If your wondering: "why not just teach him to talk?" thats a good question. As he is signing he is also learning to say the words all though alot of words right now are babble. So an answer to your question is babies develop their fine/gross motor skills, which are used for signing, before they develop the ability to talk.
Before we put him down for bed he watches "My First Signs" by Baby Einstein. He just lights up and gets all giddy when it turns on and he sees Marley (the lady that signs with the show). Our daycare also helps to enforce his learning which is amazing as well!
Like I said....One PROUD momma!

Attached is a video of when Logan first learned to sign "more" a couple months ago (The beginning is just clapping but you can see at the end when he actually signs). Here he is just mimicking us but now he actually knows the meaning and will sign "more" when he wants more of something (usually food or drink)

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