Monday, November 14, 2011

Christmas Present

My goal WAS to have all my christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving.....FAIL. But I did discover my next project/ christmas present for Logan. What do you get for a kid who has plenty and doesn't "need" anything....well when he has grandparents that are toy crazy you really don't have to get much. So we are getting him a couple things....but we both agreed we wanted to get him a table....(because he sits so much right!!??) however he does enjoy doing crafts at the table at school so maybe he will love a table that is sized just for him. Plus it will be a great table to have for when all the kiddos come over and need a place to sit and eat now that they are all grown up!!!
So here is my next project/present for logan. Most tables are about $100-$150 at the store but since we have  a woodworker in the family (PAPA) and a crafty momma, why not make him something that is irreplaceable??!! and one of a kind!
how to make a chalkboard coffee table

I'll update and post pics of the final product!!! SO EXCITED!!

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