Friday, May 20, 2011


Seems like just the other day I was waiting VERY IMPATIENTLY for Drew to get home from work. I had "Sweet Child of Mine" playing, Tyson and Bailey were wearing Pacifiers, the pregnancy test with the life changing "+" was on the coffee table next to the "I love my daddy" bib. Finally I heard the door open, I could share the secret that for the past 3 hours ( what seemed to be FOREVER) was making me feel like I was going to explode!- Not to mention a whirlwind of emotions that was going through my head. 3 hours prior I remember thinking "hmmm its a little early but I'll just take a pregancy test just for fun" Fun is what I got. I remember pacing NON STOP. That is the biggest secret EVER and I couldn't tell anyone until Drew got home. So finally I felt a little relief when I heard the door open. Does he come into the living room??? No! He goes into the kitchen! Im suprised I didn't just blurt it out from the living room just to release all the emotions! I actually don't remember if I went and got him or if he came into the living room. From here on out it is a blur. Which is okay because I had a camera strategically placed to capture the moment when Drew found out he was going to be a DADDY!!! I remember we just sat there and held each other unable to remove the smiles that seemed to be perminent on our faces. Sweet Child of Mine played in the background as we silently held each other anticipating the amazing change in our lives that was about to take place and start the beginning of our Brashier family!!!


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  2. You actually came to the kitchen and got me. I didn't even notice the pacifiers on the dogs until about 10 minutes later when you pointed it out to me. It's wierd how it seems like such a long time ago and like yesterday all at the same time.