Saturday, September 22, 2012

Never a dull moment .....

..... when you have a video monitor and you can spy on your kid!!!

We were woken up by Logan this morning yelling "Help me, Help me! Im trapped!"
(Glad the CRIB is serving its purpose)
However! The day is approaching we have been putting off! He proceeded to kick his leg over the rail as if attempting to climb out. I personally think he was acting out his own Diego Episode. He then grabbed the diaper stacker with both hands and started yelling "PULL PULL PULL" 
I finally went in and got him...
(To be continued....)

5 hours later @ naptime!
*        *          *

After our typical naptime routine I read Logan two books and tucked him in. He laid down and told me Goodnight.

Too easy right??? Yep. 
15 minutes later (after silence from his room) I casually checked the video monitor.....
I expected to see my usual passed out baby....NOPE!

I hit the video button and what do I see???
My Neked baby jumping up and down singing "No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"
(Side note: he was put to bed in a diaper and shorts)

He then proceeds to perform the Downward Dog Yoga pose at the Camera 

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