Tuesday, January 24, 2012

21 months going on 12!

Our little man will be 21 months old Friday! 
Just wanted to brag about how awesome he is!  what he is doing lately:

There is no possible way to list EVERYTHING he is doing but I will do my best!

Logan has just learned he has a name other than "baby" and now speaks in 3rd person (Logan's ball)

He speaks in FULL sentences. Some of his favorites are:
"I want mommy", "Where are you?" "What are you doin?" "I love you" "I want more please" "I got it"  "I'll find it" "There it is" "I get up" "Pants fall down" and my favorite "I hold you Mommy/Daddy"

His favorite shows are:
Elmo and Go Diego Go

Favorite Books:
Brown Bear, and his Animal Books

His favorite songs are:
"Clean up" "Twinkle twinkle Little Star" "ABC's"  "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and some Butterfly song from school etc

His favorite movies are:
Karate Doggie AKA "Arate Doggie" and How to Train Your Dragon AKA "Dragon Movie"

Favorite Foods: 
Yogurt "Ogurt" , Spaghetti "Agetti", Oranges, Bananas, Waffles, Bagels, Animal Crackers and Pnut butter AKA "butter butter" 

Favorite Drink:

Favorite Toys:
Hands down favorite toys are his Animals, His pull toy/dog which he has named "Carlos" (add to sentences: "come on Carlos!") ,Firetruck, Any Ball and the list goes on!

Logan can name 20+ animals and tell you what sound they make and what color they are! (Have I mentioned how much he loves animals) Which obviously means by far his favorite place to be is the ZOO!!
Oddly enough his family animal was the "Yak" but now he has become attached to his Elephant, Zebra, and Giraffe
Logan can tell you what color objects (consisting of blue, green, red, orange, purple, white, pink, brown yellow and black) are but tends to get Yellow and Orange confused.
He can count to 10 but seems to love counting 5-9!
He likes cuddling with blankets but refuses to let you put a blanket "on" him.
He is in a new phase where everything is "ouch" or if the dogs lick him and tattles and says "bailey bit me"
He is learning possessive terms "Mommy's Keys" "Logan's cup" "Daddy's shoes"
He will now "Cheeeese" anytime he sees a camera
When he gets really impatient or excited about something he will still use sign language such as "more" and "please"
When its time for bed he will point the his glider and say "rock"
He can list all the kids and teachers in his class and still talks about them on the weekend.
When pulling into the driveway Logan routinely says "We're home!" 
He can show you his "cute face" and "sad face" 
He has a strange fascination for shoes
He will point out "mommy's car" "daddy's truck" 
He still only sits long enough to eat dinner or watch an episode of Diego or Elmo 
His teachers continuously remind us he is "Very Active", very verbal, and LOVES learning
He will pick up his phone on a daily basis to call Riley or Amy and will carry on the same conversation everytime...."Hi Amy/Riley......what doin?....playin animals....ok bye"
He gets his feelings hurt with "time out" but trust me it hurts me more than him!
His legs are a size 2T but his waist could probably still fit in 6 months!!
He will shake his cup and tell you "empty" when he needs a refill.
He says "please" and "thank you" without being told to do so!
When asking him a question he now responds with "huh?"
If he sees a man with a beard he is automatically "uncle chris" 
If he sees a bald man he will occasionally get confused and think its "daddy"
He tries to climb on EVERYTHING now and immediately after tries to jump off of whatever he has climbed.
It still surprises me that it was so easy to wean him for the passy because EVERYTHING still goes in his mouth!
He LOVES babies! 
He is fascinated with facial features and loves to point out "Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Ears, Earrings, etc"
He loves to know where Tyson and Bailey are at all times and will do role call throughout the night
Brushing his teeth can be a task!
He has only had Well Checks at the Doctor since his One Year Check Up!!! (No sick visits!!!)
He has learned to stall and work daddy when he doesn't want to go to bed.
When you tell him its time for night night he says "no!"
He now has to be woken up on the weekdays for school and sleeps till 9am on the weekends!!!!
He has a new fascination with stickers! 
He talks nonstop and I can understand 75% of it
There is no such thing as misdirection....he remembers everything now!!!
He will repeat everything like a parrot!
I think his adorable smile and big blue eyes may be able to get him out of ANYTHING!!!

An example of a combination of the above stated:
While watching the "Dragon Movie" Logan climbs up on the Ottoman. When I state "Logan get down" he turns and says "HUH?" and then proceeds to give me his cute face! 
Can you say PERSONALITY!!! 

I'm sure I could type for hours on everything he is doing but I wanted to write down the highlights to have a reference for months down the road!

He continues to amaze me EVERYDAY! There is no way to keep up with how much he is learning, saying, and doing on a daily basis. He is very inquisitive and thrives on learning new things! He would rather sit down and learn new words, colors, or numbers than do any other kind of "play" Sometimes I sit and try to pinpoint when he transitioned from a baby into the little boy!!!!  It truly makes you realize how much you can miss in a short period of time and how fast they really do grow! He is such a little person with feelings/emotions. Everyday he strives to find his independence but embraces the comfort of mommy or daddy! There is no other feeling in the World like being a parent! 

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