Thursday, December 8, 2011

Operation DE-clutter!!

Thank you for the motivation::

Great tips to de-clutter.

Im soooo tired of paper clutter in the Brashier household. I spend the night unsubscribing to all my "junk emails" and found a website through to unsubscribe to all the junk MAIL that accumulates on our counters!
Oh credit card companies....if only you would save your money on cutting down 2439874398724 trees to send me JUNK mail EVERYDAY you wouldn't have to charge your loyal customers who actually want your credit cards 78% interest! If someone WANTS a credit card they will find a way to contact me! Ok that is my rant of the day....just a thought!

Here is my first attempt at organizing the paper clutter that I can't throw away.....

Hey the journey of a mile begins with one step! or something like that!

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